Headaches Be Gone

Excited to work with someone who has had migraine headaches for a long time. They seemed to get worst with her period. After her 1st session, she registered improvement and had only 1 headache and it wasn't a migraine.

What did I do with her? First off we did the foundational sequence of work on the head and cranial bones which both helps release cranial tension between the sutures and helps get good messages from the brain to the whole rest of the body. I also found some common injuries to the front of the atlas (or 1st vertebra at the base of the skull) and to the little muscle called the "rectus capitis posterior minor which goes between the base of the skull (the occiput) and the atlas.

The last thing I did with her was tug on her stomach so that it was no longer entrapped by the diaphragm. Why would this be important? Well, wrapped around the esophagus are nerve fibers of the fight or flight nervous system and that of the relaxation nervous system (the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system). Specifically, the vagus nerve, which when irritated can contribute to headaches (as well a page of other symptoms).

By the 3rd visit, she had been headache free, until the day before. By the time, I finished working with her that session, she was feeling better.

What will I do next? I will continue the sequential aspects of our work, especially working with the nervous system (the spine and the head bones and the connections throughout the body via the outer layer of the spinal cord).  She has had a whiplash incident in the past, so this is doubly important.

We have already found energetic disturbances to the head bones right next to the center of the hormonal system - the hypothalamus and the pituitary. This may explain why there is so much a relationship between her monthly cycle and her headaches in the past.

Can't wait for our next visit!