Two Easy Ways to Feel Healthier Fast

Well it's that time of year where many of us want to turn over a new leaf. We have just made it through the holiday season after maybe too much sugary food, alcohol and stress.  It's an ideal time to take stock. If you really would like to re-set your health, we have two packages tailor-made for you.

Restorative Gut Program

Why might you consider doing this program?

  • You have any gut issues - diarrhea, bloating, constipation, heartburn, discomfort
  • You have an autoimmune condition - Hashimoto's, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis
  • You have skin issues
  • You have arthritis and pain issues
  • You have a hard time losing weight
  • You are depressed and/or anxious
  • You have brain fog
  • You have high cholesterol or other inflammatory markers
  • You have Type 2 Diabetes or blood sugar issues
  • You are worried about dementia or Alzheimer's
  • You don't have much energy to do the things you love
  • You just want to feel better

What will you get?

  • Personalized diet and food recommendations
  • Recommendations for supplements and herbs to heal the gut
  • 15% discount on all supplements and herbs
  • Four Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy (QE) sessions
  • Support and Resources

Healing the gut is foundational to you overall physical and mental health and I would be thrilled to help you with this.

The package price is $320 (does not include herbs and supplements)

Hemp CBD Oil Program

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of 60 plus Cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants we have.  The US patent office has said it's both an antioxidant and neuroprotectant (it protects the nervous system).  It is a non-psychoactive component of hemp and cannabis, meaning that you won't get high from ingesting it.

Cutting edge research shows that CBD oils are important in restoring function to the modern human being's endocannabinoid system. And what does the endocannabinoid system do? It is the system that creates homeostasis or balance in the body. It affects mood, sleep, sex, appetite, hormone regulation, pain and immune system response.  This system has to work well for us to be healthy and CBD's are a tool to get there.

Chronic Disease
It's well established that cannabinoids will reduce inflammation and protect the nervous system. And many of you know that inflammation is the modern human being's worst enemy - the root of almost all chronic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autoimmune diseases, cancers and gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn's. 

Pain Reduction
But what if we could use these cannabinoids to reduce pain without the side effects of opiates? The research shows that these compounds affect the very same area of the brain that gets activated with opiate use!  Hemp oil offers a non-psychoactive way to reduce pain.

Gut Health
The scientific literature shows promising effects of CBD's on the endothelial cells of the gut! That means it could be extraordinarily helpful in the healing of a leaky gut.

My Experience
I've been using them for the last 4 or 5 months and have noticed a few things.
One, I am less apt to get gloomy and rebound from disappointments a lot easier. So, I'd say a great improvement in mood. The second thing I'm intrigued by is that I managed to avoid my usual skin cracking after an accidental gluten exposure! That's a first. 

We have partnered up with Elixinol, a Colorado-based company utilizing organically grown hemp from Germany and Colorado for its Cannibidiol products.

We have put together an introductory CBD Package to help with you learn more about this healing supplement, ask questions, provide dosing schedule, a 10% product discount and follow-up over six months for only $250 (does not include the cost of CBD oil).  Click below to learn more or schedule your free 15-minute consultation.