Get Grounded This Summer

Well, it's almost summer as we the progression of spring flowers has been amazing this year. I am waiting for my peonies to fill up now and just drinking in the greenery and bright colors throughout my yard.

This month, I am excited to share a simple technology that I have been using for the last several months. It's called a Grounding or Earthing mat. I had seen a movie about grounding last year and thought it was pretty interesting. Then my dear friend, Paula Curtis, shared how one of her PTSD clients told her how sleeping on the grounding mat was changing his life. He was sleeping and his stress level had gone way down!

Now I have a testimonial from one of my own clients:
"I have been using the Grounding or Earthing Sleeping Mat for a week. I have noticed a drastic change in my back pain, both during my sleep cycle and when I wake up. I typically wake up with so much back pain, it's hard to get out of bed.
With the mat, I am able to just get out of bed normally. The mat has also improved my quality of sleep, as I work shift work and am on night shift right now. The first two nights of my shift I slept an entire eight hours without waking up, which rarely happens. Excited for more great improvements as I use it longer." Amy Kuehl

In this article, I would like to give a little of the background of how earthing orgrounding works and then share some of the research and benefits that people are reporting.

I believe that earthing or grounding should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

We can think of the Earth as a huge reservoir of free electrons which come from the constant showering from lightning strikes (5000 lightning strikes per minute). All of our body's trillions of cells function electrically. If the cell has too little voltage, we get disease. When we make contact with the earth, the grass, the earth, concrete, the ocean, we receive these free electrons into our cells and the charge we carry is equalized or we become grounded. Our cells receive the charge it needs to keep healthy.

What prevents us from being grounded?

Well, for decades we have been wearing insulated shoes instead of leather soles. We live in homes without dirt floors. Our wooden floors, our elevated beds, our high rise buildings remove us from this wonderful reservoir of electrons that helps keep us healthy.  What's more, we are surrounded by charged appliances and wiring in our homes, which further increases the charge we carry. Think of free electrons as a needed nutrient and which we, in our modern world may have an extreme deficiency.

Clint Ober, the man who figured this out and then has worked endlessly to get research done, was in the cable TV business, where it was well known that you had to have grounded wires to get a good signal on the TV. His observations and initial experimentation and later push for research has paved the way for a groundbreaking way to support your health.

Here are some conditions that current research shows improvement and benefits related to earthing:

  • Anxiety Disorders - research is showing decreased stress and improved mood
  • High Cortisol - those using sleeping mats are finding that their cortisol cycles are normalizing, improving stress, reducing inflammation, increasing energy and improving sleep
  • Hyperglycemia (Blood Sugar Issues)- improvement in blood sugar issues
  • Insomnia- improvement in sleep
  • Muscle Soreness - decreased time to heal due to decrease in inflammation
  • Exercise Induced Muscle Soreness - athletes are finding decreased recovery time after physical activity
  • Stress - improvement in ability to deal with stress. Heart rate variance increases.
  • Inflammation - measurable decreases in immune system molecules, leading to decreased pain.
  • Oxidative Stress - free electrons provide the water to squelch free radical damage or oxidative stress. Reduces inflammation
  • Cardiovascular Disease - blood viscosity (thickness) is decreasing as the red blood cells repel each other. Increased blood velocity which means less clotting, decreased blood pressure, less likely to stroke or block arteries! It has even been documented that those on blood thinners need to have their blood monitored to prevent over bleeding!
  • Thyroid Issues - some participants on thyroid hormone were having symptoms of hyperthyroidism (heart palpitations) thus showing that earthing may be changing their hormone availability. Those on thyroid hormones may need to reduce their thyroid hormone dosages!

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Earthing and heart disease with cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra- I highly recommend the video!:
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So how can you get the benefits of Earthing now?
1. Go barefoot in damp grass or on the earth as much as you can (as little as 30-40 minutes per day can significantly reduce pain and stress)
2. Don't go to bed with a plugged in ipad or laptop (if it's ungrounded, ie, doesn't have a 3 pronged plug into a grounded socket, it carries a very high charge)
3.  If you can move your bed away from the wall, as we are surrounded by wiring
4. Use a grounded device(s) when you sleep or work - a sleeping mat and a mat to put under your feet or hands when you work.

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