Sometimes you can’t put your finger on it.

In pain, low energy, trouble sleeping, worried all the time?

So many of us are overwhelmed, overworked and not sure where to turn.

If you want change but aren’t sure where to start, maybe we can help.

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The Role of Gut Health,Toxins, Nervous System Health and Energetic Balance for Your Well-Being


Gut Health

  • Do you know what the term "leaky gut" means and what impact it has on your health?
  • Do you know where 70% of your immune system is?
  • Did you know that an adult has over 5 pounds of bacteria co-existing in your gut?
  • Have you heard of the microbiome - the leading edge of gut research?
  • Do you know why holistic practitioners think your gut health is pivotal to your health?
  • Did you know that the food you eat is for you and your gut microbiome?

The gut is foundation to good health. Why? Well, first, to stay healthy, you have to be able to digest your foods completely. If not, your body will not get the nutrients it needs to work properly and detoxify itself.

Secondly, if your gut is overrun with the wrong kind of microorganisms (like C. diff, and Candida- a fungus), you are not going to feel well and your gut lining is going to break down. You are going to have leaks (leaky gut) in that lining that will permit larger particles of undigested food to "leak" into the bloodstream. That makes your immune system go crazy because it thinks that those big particles are invaders. Inflammatory chemicals then start attacking the body at its weak places - joints, sinuses, gut itself, thyroid, muscles, brain, etc....

The foods you eat both provide the nutrition you need to make all your tissues, detoxify, make hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin, and affect what kind of microorganisms are living in your body, especially your gut. Obviously, we want to help the good guys not the ones causing the problems!


Toxins in our Modern World

  • Do you know the role of toxins in making us sick?
  • Do you know where they're coming from?
  • Do you know how we can help your body detoxify?

Toxins can come from outside our body (foods we eat, lawn chemicals, cosmetics, off-gassing carpets, etc.) or be made from our own cells. Our body is engineered to get rid of these offending substances but sometimes it needs help when it's overcome.

Toxins at the level of the cell, can cause inflammation and inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals then  turn genes off and on. Inflammation is behind every chronic condition that we know about: cancer, arthritis, heart disease, Parkinson's, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and so forth...

Reducing how many toxins we are exposed to is the first priority. There are many foods, herbs and supplements that help your body detoxify itself in a safe manner.


Nervous System and Energetic Balance

Did you know that injuries to your head, neck and spine whether from falls, accidents, or your birth experience might have an impact on your whole body from head to toe?

These injuries affect both your nervous system as well as the flow of energy in your body. Our QEST practitioners have found our clients with the most complex health problems have had had these kinds of injuries. Happily, QEST can help undo the energetic and nervous system problems to help you heal!