From Shine with Light WEbsite:

Nourish & Tune the Body, Mind & Spirit”

With Advanced Light Energy

How Do You Use It?

Non-invasive and powerful yet comfortable, our medical grade light emitting diodes are specifically designed with deep harmonic delivery of ideal light wavelengths that pulse at specified frequencies.  This harmonic light safely passes through skin and has been shown to impact cells from bone to the deepest part of the brain.  We work with wavelengths of light that ignite the cellular metabolism to benefit health with proven results.   When experiencing a session people typically rest the soft, flexible, medical grade LED “smart pads” of near infrared, blue and red light directly on the skin or light-colored clothing.

  • Blue light works with skin and mood
  • Red light works with the skin and soft tissues of the body like fat cells, muscles, glands, organs, and gums
  • Near Infrared light penetrates all the way to hard tissue in the body: tendons, ligaments, bone and teeth.

We also offer a whole bed of this healthy light in some spas and clubs.

A session typically last 20 to 30 minutes and can be safely experienced at home or in a office setting.   Remember that new born babies are often given light therapy to help with jaundice when they are only a few hours old.

We find the best results involve working with an eye mask as well as several other pads so that the whole body receives benefit.   We highly recommend systems that have a minimum of 500 medical grade LED diodes.

Because we can send quantum frequencies through the light systems, we can also offer long-distance or remote energy sessions assisted by guided meditations and online intention tutorials.

While people often experience positive benefits after their first session,  the amount of times someone would do light therapy depends on many factors.  Someone can do a few sessions or get optimum energetic wellness from daily sessions with a system that they rent or own.