QEST is a preventative, holistic, highly organized system and non-invasive approach to health that triggers the body's natural healing ability . Its objective is to bring balance to the body’s energy fields and create lasting results that will allow the body to function at optimal levels.

QEST focuses on repairing injured or diseased tissue, pain relief, increased energy and well being, strengthening the immune system, and early detection and prevention of potential problems. Practitioners use a variety of methods to evaluate the body’s needs, including muscle checking, timed energy holds, soft tissue manipulation, and herbal and nutritional supplements.

Each dysfunction of the body has its own unique energy and has been defined by a numerical code, which is universal, common to all people. The combination of these codes and a simple corrective procedure teaches the brain how to engage systems within the body to make the necessary repair. Learn more at Quantum Energetics Institute at www.quantumenergeticshealing.com 

Wanting to be self-empowered with you and your family's health?
Learn Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, a comprehensive health and wellness system. All it takes are your hands and the will to study and learn. You will be able to help your loved ones with everything from sports injuries to digestion and preventive health.

I am looking to start a new class this winter - most likely late February.  Email me at marina@makanaintegrativewellness.com if you would like to learn more.

2 year program
12 three day weekends
Some online time
Effective, non invasive