Digestions and Sleeping Problems

“Before having met Marina, I had terrible digestive issues that had previously eluded every other practitioner. I was bloated, overweight, irritable, and sleeping very little. With QEST sessions some minor adjustments to my diet diet, and some assistance with herbs and digestive enzymes, I have experienced a dramatic shift into well-being

I have returned to normal weight (down 3 pants sizes), I am sleeping well, and am no longer bloated and irritable. Marina helped when I felt that I had exhausted all my avenues and educated me in ways that have drastically improved my health. I continue to see Marina to maintain my health, to improve my body's function, and to continue to learn more about how to take excellent care of myself in a natural way.”


“I have a pretty "straight friend who kept telling me about this QE (QEST)™ thing. When my 10 year old son badly sprained his ankle, I decided to try it out. After two sessions, he was healed - no swelling, no stiffness no weakness. That's when I started going to Marina. I won't say that QE ™ is a cure-all, but issues are resolved much more quickly than they would be either through doing nothing or through more conventional therapy or whatever kind you choose. Marina has helped me with anxiety problems, with digestive problems, and with chronic keen pain...Not only is the treatment effective, but the environment Marina creates is arm and comfortable. I really think Marina's approach is half the cure!” -R.T., Ft. Collins

Concussions and Head Injuries

“I've had several sports-related concussions that caused foggy thinking, headaches and problems with lights at night My neurologist told me just not to get hurt anymore. QE™ removed the symptoms and when I went back to sports, I didn't get re-injured as easily.  I highly recommend QE to those suffering from head injuries.” -B.T. , Ft. Collins

Broken Bones Heal in Half the Time

“After breaking his collar bone and seeing you a few days later, Will discontinued his pain meds which he had begged for just the day before. At week two he had quit wearing his sling except at night. When we went for the follow up with the Orthopedic 3weeks post break, the doc said he hadn't ever seen a child bone heal that fast. At that point, the doc said to discontinue the sling use all together. Originally they told us to have him wear the sling continuously for 5-6 weeks.” -C.T., Ft. Collins